Thursday, 21 January 2010

6 weeks

That's about the length of time that my migraines have been under control. Yay :0) This is how it is for me and 'my migraines', that constant companion. I get ups and downs. The downs really suck- weeks on end of painkillers and making sure I have them and my other meds with me, chronic pain, constant fear of an acute attack. Then something magical happens- it all.just.stops. The past week or so have been a bit niggly, as I have a major stress coming up, but other than that I have had a reminder of what it has been like to be a normal person. :0)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Haiti- you can help

If you want to help the people in the wake of the Haitian earthquake, here is a simple, easy way to do so.

The Disasters Emergency Committee have an appeal on their homepage. Just click on 'Donate Now'.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Look closely... the bottom left-hand side of this scarf and you will see 'I heart Z.' This fabulous scarf was knitted for me by my good friend
KEDKrafty as a special present when I moved to Switzerland. As soon as winter gets to be serious, out this scarf comes. It warms my neck and it warms my soul. It's great to have friends!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Slwo, slow, quick quick, slow.

I was cooking at both ends of the time scale today- slow cooker and pressure cooker.

I have resisted the appeal of a pressure cooker for years. My mum confirmed that my memory of a pressure cooker exploding was a real one. However, having clarified things with her I now know it was a case of safety-valve-blowing-and-dinner-hitting-ceiling, not bits-of-shrapnel-flying-about scenario.

Then I was kicking myself. The Coop in Switzerland has a 'merkli' scheme,much like other supermarket reward schemes. In this case you collect the 'merkli' (stickers) and once you get 2 sheets you can get a variety of discounted goods. The reason for kicking myself? The current discount was on cookware. They were offering a whopping 70% off- you guessed it- pressure cookers. To add to the frustration, the collection finishes at the end of January and goods need to be collected by the end of February. All was not lost- one sticker per 10CHF spent, 60 stickers to collect. With 4 extra people to be fed it wasn't long before the pages were full and I came away with a Schnellkochtopf in my hot little hands.

I won't lie, I was completely shitting myself somewhat nervous the first time I used it, but as you can see the world did not end and now I have a deliscious lamb stew for tea. And the slow cooker made a grand job of 'risotto' for my son's girlfriend. Happy smiles all round :0)

Monday, 4 January 2010

First Baking 2010

These cookies are the second thing I've made from Salty Sweets . When I tried one last night, my first reaction was 'Meh'. However, a reprise this morning has seen me change my opinion. I still don't think they're wonderful, but they are tasty enough that I wouldn't be embarrassed handing them round to visitors.

They're nowhere near good enough to nudge World Peace Cookies from pole position.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

This makes me feel so sad.

We sure are screwing up this wonderful planet. It's not too late , is it?

first knitting of 2010

I ran up this little number with some baby alpaca and silk. It needs a little blocking to show it at its best, but I wanted to give it a trial run today- it's cold outside. I foresee another Cité before much longer.

ETA: What a difference a little TLC makes: