Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ruby III

The yoke is a Michael Miller metallic print and the  body is a sheer cotton with a silver thread running through.
I used the Bernina Flat Fell foot 71 to do the seams- the flimsy nature of the main body fabric meant it needed some sort of finishing. This is a nice alternative to a French seam. First time using this foot. The stiffer fabric was really easy to sew but the first pass through for the flimsy fabric (a flat fell seam has two lines of stitching) was a real pain in the ass. Worth it though, I like the finish. I also used the  edge stitch foot to put the bias tape on. That also made things a bit easier than normal.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


My Sorbetto plans have come adrift. There was a nasty gape at the armholes. When I went online  to find a tutorial for 'gaping armholes' I was amused to see that the  person who made the tutorial used Sorbetto ..so I am not the only one. I was really delighted to see  this top available as a free download- I have seen a number online and they looked great. But I am going to have to follow the online fix before I attempt this top for the third time.

Instead, I  bit the bullet and bought Ruby, designed by' Made by Rae.'  The pattern  download went smoothly and I was happy to see that the various sizes have different coloured outlines. The instructions were very clear and I would recommend this as a good beginner project, easily whipped up in an afternoon if you are an experienced needlewoman.  here is Ruby I

And here, under construction is Ruby II