Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Headline: Yarn Snob Uses Acrylic- Is the World Ending?

I know, I can hardly believe it myself. I am going to blame it all on crochet. Yep, crochet. When my interest was rekindled in this woolly craft I found myself turning to the dark side. But don't worry, I am only using acrylic in some very specific circumstances (see how I am justifying/reassuring myself here?).

Blankets. Yes, acrylic blankets. But isn't wool warmer? I hear you cry. And...nicer? Yes, a resounding YES! on both counts. But I find that I don't want my woolly warmers to be  dragged over the grass, or be wrapped around someone sneaking  that last serving of beetroot salad, washed down by cranberry juice. So for hard wearing blankets that I can launder with ease, I am  making the following in Stylecraft DK.

Bright and cheerful and not to be worried about.

But my heart still lies with wool:

Noro, Kambgarn ( from the 76 balls of yarn that I recently purchased in Reykjavik) and various DK weights of pure wool from Lang