Saturday, 16 August 2008

Choice of weapon

For some people, the Addi Lace is a prerequisite for successful knitting. For me, however, the weapon of choice is the humble highlighter pen, preferably in an assortment of colours.

For a simple shawl this is unnecesary, but if yo have ever knit one of Anne's shawls, you will know that 'simple' isn't the word that would usually be used to decrible her work. Hence the colour-coding helpas I attempt to knit

Attempt is the operative word. The written instructions are making perfect sense, but I am a charts girl. And one of them isn't making sense at all. I have emailed Anne and I know that she will attempt to clarify things for me. Why 'attempt'? Well, my poor brain is like mush and I cannot quite explain what the problem is. Either it's because I still haven't recovered from the 10-hour stopover at Luton on Thursday. Or I am getting a bit dottery. Hmmm.

Sunday, 3 August 2008


...without my knitting.

The scarcity of blogging has mainly been due to RSI. Which is also affecting my ability to knit. So much so, that I left it all back in Zurich and have brought none to the UK with me.

I'm not liking it and am somewhat concerned about what I will do it if doesn't get better. No knitting? Sheesh...

But I AM going to a knitting meet-up today, so I can at least soak some up by knitterly osmosis :0)