Tuesday, 12 August 2014

not much going on...

..things have been quiet-ish here. Well, on the craft side. Pain-wise it has been crap.
But enough of that, I am doing a little sewing knitting etc.

This is the very simple 9-patch block (with a pinwheel square). I usually like to make this into a 'disappearing 9-patch' but I think it is busy enough as it is. T

his is going to be the front of a  cushion cover for my sofa. I did an amazing pink/ red/ white one and then brought it to my sewing room to measure...then I never saw it again. Weird. Let's hope the same doesn't happen with this.

I have also made four 'Ruby' Tops, designed by 'Made by Rae'. Here is the latest:

The fabric is from Michael Miller. Aptly named 'Giraffe Love' ;0)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ruby III

The yoke is a Michael Miller metallic print and the  body is a sheer cotton with a silver thread running through.
I used the Bernina Flat Fell foot 71 to do the seams- the flimsy nature of the main body fabric meant it needed some sort of finishing. This is a nice alternative to a French seam. First time using this foot. The stiffer fabric was really easy to sew but the first pass through for the flimsy fabric (a flat fell seam has two lines of stitching) was a real pain in the ass. Worth it though, I like the finish. I also used the  edge stitch foot to put the bias tape on. That also made things a bit easier than normal.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


My Sorbetto plans have come adrift. There was a nasty gape at the armholes. When I went online  to find a tutorial for 'gaping armholes' I was amused to see that the  person who made the tutorial used Sorbetto ..so I am not the only one. I was really delighted to see  this top available as a free download- I have seen a number online and they looked great. But I am going to have to follow the online fix before I attempt this top for the third time.

Instead, I  bit the bullet and bought Ruby, designed by' Made by Rae.'  The pattern  download went smoothly and I was happy to see that the various sizes have different coloured outlines. The instructions were very clear and I would recommend this as a good beginner project, easily whipped up in an afternoon if you are an experienced needlewoman.  here is Ruby I

And here, under construction is Ruby II

Friday, 25 April 2014

Coming to a blog near you

I am quite often late on the bandwagon. In this case it is with the sweet little Sorbetto  https://www.colettepatterns.com/sewing/sorbetto. I did have plans to do it in a great Zombie fabric but I 'put it away' and can't find it. Never mind, I am sure there will be more than one of these on the go.

The pattern was very easy to download and piece together, I hate the thought of having to do the same with something more complicated.

I need to get some silver bias tape tomorrow and then it will be full steam ahead. I could start it tonight but I am tired and even though this is simple I don't want to have to get the thread ripper out

Saturday, 12 April 2014

wrong blog

idiot that I am, I managed to post on my old account. Updates will be here

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A walk in the woods almost at an end

I have been making a quilt. The very easiest type, wholecloth.

The fabric is printed in panels and I simply sewed the quilt sandwich by following the edges of each panel.  That being said, it is a bit rough'n'ready.

The fabric is called 'Norwegian Woods', the designer's name escapes me for a moment. The deluge of fabric at the bottom right corner is the binding. I cut straight strips (as opposed to on the bias) joined them with a diagonal seam to reduce bulk at join, and then fed it through a nifty tool which fold the fabric 'sides to middle'. Once the iron is passed over the strip, the tape is formed and ready to sew.

To be honest, my preferred method of attachment is to machine sew one side of the strip along the edges of the quilt, fold it over and then slip stitch in place. This makes an invisible attachment. Bt I paid an exorbitant price for a bias bider attachment gizmo for my Bernina, so I am going to take it for its maiden voyage on this quilt.

OK, that was a v ery rambly post, but at least I have managed to post this week!

Monday, 17 March 2014


I am in the process of making a linen skirt. I have carefully tacked the pleats in place. It was a bit of a pita and for some reason I couldn't get the last one folded properly.

I am in a quandary. I need to lose half a stone or this dress to fit...or I could alter the pleats and the waistband. I think I'll lose the weight..

The pleats are very soft- they are not stitched down, simply held in place by the ine of sewing at the waistband

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Never Let Me Go

Sigh. I read the this novel by Kazuo Ishiguro a long time ago now. I missed the movie when it came to Z├╝rich but good old Film Four played it the other day. All in all I think it was a good adaptation. Ver, very moving. My heart is all clenched up.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Breaking radio silence

...Of almost a year to say I am in love with my latest household tool- the hand-held vacuum cleaner. It is so handy. Times when I just cannot be bothered lugging the big Dyson out, along comes the 'Dirt Devil.' It is particularly handy when I have been cutting fabric out for a skirt.

Last year was very rough- I had terrible ,terrible pain from trigeminal neuralgia. * emergency admissions to hospital as a result of the side-effects of the treatment for the TN. Finally, in December enough was enough. The weel before christmas I had neurosurgery. It has definitely helped. I wouldn't say I am cured.

Anyway, I intend to post here once a week, to see if I can breathe some life into the poor beast which is  my Blog.

If only I had labelled where this beautiful piece of artwork is from...anyway, I leave it here in lieu of an interesting knitting shot.