Monday, 23 June 2008

Baldy's campaing - get your MP involved this Wednesday

If you go to Baldy's Blog you will see that Westminster are having a Bone Marrow donation drive this Wednesday in the Jubilee Room. MPs who are under 40 can sign up to be donors. Everyone can sign the petition which you can find here .

If you are a British citizen you can email your MP and ask him/her to attend. You can locate them through this

Go on - it took me 2 minutes, and that included the time to locate my MP from scratch.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Go me!

Today I went to Zürich Hauptbahnhof to get my boy a 4-week ticket. Great value - unlimited travel around the city, all for the grand total of CHF 81, approximately £40.00. The exciting bit for me was that I did it all in German. More importantly, as far as I am aware, it was grammatically correct German. I realise that this excitement may indicate a need to get out more, but still....

On the dental front, I think that root canal number two (the one completed on Monday) has failed. Why do I tink this? I am starting to get rather a lot of pain in my jaw. And it is the beginning of the weekend. Oh joy.

But just to remind myself how lucky I am, here is the link again to Adrian's blog and the link to the
bone marrow e-petition . I've been keeping up-to-date with his blog and he is having a hard time right now. Go on - help him realise his ambition to ensure that all 18 year olds get a talk about bone marrow donation and its importance. Sign the petition.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The never-ending story...

I have extended my appointment on Monday so that M can have a look at the other teeth that are playing up after he has finished root canal 3. I did a 'scientific' test today - got some very sweet cake and tried to put it on different bits of the area that is playing up. As far as I can tell, it is the surface of the tooth (or teeth - I really can't be certain). This points to a crack in the tooth/teeth, not standard sensivity. When I go on Monday I am going armed with some Nutella which I am going to ask M to apply to various bits of teeth - that should give a much better indication of where the pain is coming from. Necessity (desperation in this case) is the mother of invention, as they say.

And as M said to me today, he hoped my 'dental odyssey' comes to an end soon. Me too.

On a happier note, my boy arrives in Zürich this evening for about 6 weeks :0) so I am going to try to get a very positive frame of mind going and try to think about all the really great things that I have to be thankful about.

Edit: So there I am, having given myself a thorough talking to about being positve,when I break the last of the cereal/desert bowls with defeaning crash. As if that wasn't enough, about 10 minutes later I managed to spill an extremely hot cup of espresso all over my foot. Still lookinmg on the bright side though - could've gone over both feet ;0)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The story so far....

The second root canal treatment was finished today with no trauma. Hopefully that will work.

I am now having problems with the two upper teeth that were worked on a couple of months ago - M had found a secondary cavity under one of them. Everything seemed fine. Now I am having problems with sensitivity when I eat something sweet. It is severe and it feels like it is on the surface of the tooth. If it was near the root where there is some gum recession then sensitivity could be expected. This means that there is probably a crack in the tooth. I guess that means another root treatment... Same old, eh?

We spoke about the front tooth (the third root treatment). There is more of a chance that this will fail because of the hole in the tooth going through to the gum. If it fails an implant would be the best option. However....yep, there had to be a 'however'.. is the problem as I understand it. There are two types of bone material - standard bone behind, and some other kind in front. When a tooth is removed, the bone material behind isn't affected but some of the material at the front is removed. Because of the shape of my teeth there is an increased chance that 'too much' will be removed. In addition to this I don't have very much gum material. This means that it would be much harder to do a successful implant.

It just keeps getting worse, but I am trying to be optimistic. Well, no, I am trying not to get depressed about it all. M and I were talking about why I am having all of these problems. Maybe there is something 'special' about my root pulp - when something happens to tooth the pulp material is perhaps too sensitive. At the end of the day there doesn't seem to be any concrete explanation.

Sunday, 15 June 2008


Guess the cost of living in Montreux is more than I expected...

Turning Japanese

Anyone remember that song? Was it The Vapours?

Long story short, I really like some of the Japanese skirts/dresses that I have been seeing on the internet over the last year or so. Thanks to
Poshyarns for finding

this link to Amazon Japan. Of course, once I had placed the order I realised that there was a book that Roobeedoo uses for skirts that I wanted to order. Oh well, next time. I need to track that one down as well - I am sure I have a link for it somewhere, the question is just where.

I hope that this book will provide the spur I need to get the rest of my craft room organised. It is a complete tip. If this room is a mess, my mind will simply refuse to take on the challenge of a bit of tricky sewing/planning. Don't ask me why, but there it is.

On that note, off to sit on my backside and NOT tidy ;0)

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Root canal the third!

That's right folks - I am clocking up one root canal per month!

The story so far.....I went along to see M at 9.00am today and he x-rayed the front tooth, the one which has been abused a bit over the years - bashed with a bottle when I was being careless, walked into doors, that sort of thing. Then he took another x-ray, since as he rightly said, he didn't want to make a mistake. Sadly, the first x-ray was not poor-quality, it was spot on.

Probably as a result of the 'little' traumas over the years, there was a problem with the pulp and it was causing tooth resorption . Basically, my tooth was dissolving itself from the inside out - nice, eh? If it wasn't treated there were two outcomes - firstly, a hole would eventually form which would allow bacteria into the tooth and an abscess would form. Alternatively (or possibly as well as, I guess), the tooth would be so weakened that it would simple snap off. Hmm, even....nicer....

So, root treatment it was.

'Now', said M.'I only have half an hour. There is only one canal in that tooth. Half an hour is plenty of time for me to remove the nerve pulp.Or you can make an appointment and come back next week.'

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. There I was, no Number Guy, no sedative medication...what to do, what to do....? When the last root treatment was done I vowed to myself that I was not going to waver again. Although there was still a bit of a problem with the last lot of local anaesthetic, I honestly suffered much more in the end due to the fear and anxiety in the weeks leading up to it. So I took a deep breath, only cried a tiny bit, and let him get on with it.

Guess what? This time NO PAIN. Ok, one of the injections wasn't painless, but it wasn't awful. Because the bone in the upper jaw is porous it is much easier to achieve anaesthesia :0)

The down side is that when M was doing the procedure it became evident that a hole had already formed in the tooth. This is probably why I was in pain. This means that instead of having one entry to the tooth through which bacteria can enter, there will be two. When I go back next week he is going to fill this hole with a purified form of Portland Cement of all things.

I have to say I am still a bit shocked - went in for a check, came out an hour later having had a root canal. If it is like the other two, I know I can expect a shedload of pain over the next few days, but then it will go. Now I can enjoy the weekend without all of this hanging over me.

So all is good, but I feel like a rung out rag.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Ok, so you can guess what this post is about.. you should probably come back in 10 years or so.

I have an appointment with M on Thursday to discuss my ongoing dental 'issues'....what d'you think? Should I just get him to yank 'em all out? As I sit at the computer the front tooth is playing merry hell and one of my other doublers has decided to join in. Yep, that last can of squirrelled-away Ambrosia* was not Heaven sent - it blasted in on a lightening bolt that has left my nerves all a-jangle. Right now I am ready to talk to the Jehova's Witnesses, The Salvation Army, Streetchurch, born-again Hell's Angels, Wiccans - in fact, I'll talk to any and every religious denomination going if they can put in a word with Someone Upstairs (or Downstairs, not fussy right now). I'm not sure if I am quite ready to sell my soul just now, but Igive it a few more days....

On the plus side, I may be putting in a few hours of teaching. Yep, who'd've thought it! I visited a lovely nursery today and they are looking for someone to fill in for absences. It would probably be about 10 hours a month. It is perfect for me - I would go in, work with the children, then leave. Ok, that's obvious ;0) What I mean is that I would only have responsibility while I was there. No planning etc. It would be fitted around my German classes, people visiting etc. I am not looking for it to change into a permanent post, nor are they looking for someone. I have missed working with small people more than I thought I would so this would be ideal. Obviously I will not be posting anything else about this nursery, but just thought I'd let you know that I'll actually be earning some of my cake money.

I'm off now - here's a picture of the Botanic Gardens here in Zürich,just to be going on with.

*aka canned rice pudding for those not in the know. Some folk would say it's the devil's food. Hmm, maybe that was why the tooth was protesting...

How's THAT for a word!

neunzehnhunderdvierundzwanzig - and that's by no means the longest word I've seen, let me tell you. I prefer to write it this way - 1942....

Edit : ROFLMAO - Yep, Sylvie is quite right. That IS 1924... wlaks away nochalantly, feigning air of complete non-embarrassment ;0)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

whine, moan, whinge

...well I did warn you...

Toothache. Front left tooth. Y'know, one of those important ones that make up your smile?

What to do, what to do.....nothing. Wait until it gets worse. That's really the only option that I can see. Like the last f%&^*(%$ tooth, there is no physical evidence that there is a problem.

And when it does get bad enough that there is no option but to do something, I am not even sure what options are available for a front tooth. Not that I *want* yet another root treatment, but I am rather fond of having teeth in the right place when I smile.

Do me a favour - if you know what the treatment options are, *DON'T* tell me. No joke.

Turning to the dark side..

Crochet. Yep. Dark indeed....

I've been resisting for some time, but when I saw it pop up on
Roobeedoo's blog I finally gave in.

Find out more about the pattern, and see some versions in different yarns

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I hear thunder....

...must be 8.00 pm in Zurich then!

Das Quiz

I really don't like quizzes, so I am not sure if it is better/worse watching them in German. Still, I promised myself that I would listen to half an hour of Deutsch every day.....and to my surprise, I am understanding a bit more than I expected :0)

One of the good (?) things about Das Quiz is that the questions and answers appear in German on the screen, so this is helping a little with my reading.

And guess what - I even managed to get some of the questions right!

Toothache - what a nerve!

Indeed - since the tooth in question has a nerve no more....still, it feels as if it does and the right side of my lower jaw is making life unpleasant. BUT (and that was a big but....) I am only in pain, not terrified. And that makes all the difference, as I am sure many of you know. There's no infection so it is just a case of hoping that in the next few weeks the pain will abate. All in all my face has had quite a bashing, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

To help keep my spirits up, we've been taking an evening constitutional. We have some beautiful wildflower meadows nearby, but sadly the camera on my phone fails to do them justice.

There has also been a little finishing going on:

This is a Drops design, which for the life of me I can't remember but it will be in my Ravelry account. I like it. Due to my, ahem, somewhat fuller figure, I only have the one button at the neck, but I think it works. This is the second re-worked garment that I have finished recently - the first being the Cocoa 'Jolien' that I blogged about previously. I think the next one up will be the Debbie Bliss Collared Cardigan - it's finished but I'm not feelin' the love.

And now that I have finished wittering on, I should get on with the German. But don't forget - get yourselves over to
Baldy's Blog and sign his petition/get on the bone marrow register.