Friday, 10 April 2009

Birthday Cake

It might not be the prettiest cake in the world, but I reckon it's one of the tastiest.

One of my friends is having a "significant" birthday and she asked me to make this for her party. It's the Nigella Lawson Chocolate Gingerbread Cake

It's one of my favourite cakes, but it does make rather a lot. I reckon that even half the recipe would do too much damage to my hips, so I tend to make it only on special occasions. The last time I made it I made a mistake and put whisky in the icing instead of ginger ale - I know, a really easy mistake to make. It was delicious ;0) but I decided to go for the ginger ale this time, in case anyone at the party needs to avoid alcohol.

Now I just need to keep out of the kitchen, as I feel a bit like Alice - the darn thing keeps saying 'Try me'...

Thursday, 9 April 2009


A quiet house, a malt whisky and ginger ale* and a good book. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do. Just relaaaaax.....

*Yeh, I know, but I'm a Scot so I reckon I have the right to abuse my national drink ;0)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


...what I would like to know is this - why do some health professionals feel it is ok to say one thing to your face and something entirely different behind your back?

Although patients in Scotland have the right to see their medical notes, they can be edited if it is felt that something ' would be detrimental to their wellbeing.' Yeh right. We all know what THAT means, don't we? Suffice to say that I got a copy of some of my notes today. I don't think that the person who wrote them envisaged me getting to see them.

I am really angry. But more to the point, I am really, really upset. I had a great deal of trust in this person and it has now been irrevocably shattered. To add insult to injury, I have to show these notes to another doctor tomorrow.Oh well, it's only self-esteem....

On a cheerier note, I may be getting one of these beauties