Sunday, 3 August 2008


...without my knitting.

The scarcity of blogging has mainly been due to RSI. Which is also affecting my ability to knit. So much so, that I left it all back in Zurich and have brought none to the UK with me.

I'm not liking it and am somewhat concerned about what I will do it if doesn't get better. No knitting? Sheesh...

But I AM going to a knitting meet-up today, so I can at least soak some up by knitterly osmosis :0)


  1. Bummer. I hope you're better and knitting again soon.

  2. When it's too hard to buy chocolate, life is definitely too hard. Sorry to hear about your RSI, does it help if you change the way you knit, eg Continental or British.
    Enjoy your meeting.

  3. Oh no - hope it's better soon! And at least you get to talk knit!

  4. Hope the RSI is calming down and you can get back to your needles - good to see you the other Sunday!