Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hoovering the crockery.

For some of you this may be further evidence, as if it were needed, that I have been licking the aluminium again* ;0)

The reality is a bit more mundane. I have an 'official' allergy to house dust mites (and some fruit moulds). That is to say, I have been tested and diagnosed. Usually it isn't too bad, but it has been driving me mad lately. I noticed lately that when I sit at the PC, or at my dining table I would immediately start sneezing/itching.

Now, some of you may be amazed to know that I don't like housework. Yes, really, hard to believe, isn't it? I manage the usual stuff, but dusting the shelves where I keep the 'good' crockery is above and beyond the call of duty. But not-too-close inspection revealed a whole warren, not just the odd (dust)bunny. So now I am feeling all virtuous, having been up close and personal with the Dyson ;0)

Apart from the housework, what else have I been up to? While my darling boy was here, we did some sight-seeing. Amongst other places, we went to Davos and watched in amazement as some complete nutters adventurous types tried their hands at this:

Now I don't fancy skiing,but I can understand the appeal,particularly in such beautiful places as the Swiss Alps, but why anyone would want to throw themselves off a mountain when there is a perfectly good cable car is beyond me!

The weather in general has been cold and snowy, leading to some fantastic scenery.

When we weren't out and about, I was busy fulfilling a request - my son told me that his girlfriend would love to learn to knit. Well, I couldn't let a chance like that go by. I duly purchased an Addi circular and some gorgeous Rowan Wool and Silk. Sadly, the poor girl is allergic to both wool and alpaca. I had to teach her with some man-made fibers,shock horror! To be fair, I got what turned out to be beautiful red nylon and acrylic, plus some black bamboo and soya. She is now well on her way to her first feather and fan scarf. And she wasn't the only young 'un with pins in their hands:

And with that comforting sight, I shall leave you just now.

* I also do Wasgij jigsaws. I know. But we all have our foibles ;0)


  1. What beautiful scenes! A tremendous-looking place. x K

  2. I'll try again under my own username!
    What beautiful scenes, seems like a gorgeous place. x K

  3. Have you got hold of a dehumidifier, then? The buggers need moisture to live....

  4. Lovely photographs , what a pretty place - bet you like this girlfriend, she wants to knit!
    Enjoy the Rowan yarn!