Thursday, 19 March 2009


If you look at the picture in the 'About me' section on the right of this blog, you will see Athyr, our chocolate-point Siamese. I say 'our', because although she had to go to a new home when we moved here, she always had a special place in our hearts.

The final, and most important, kindness that you can and must do for a pet is to let them go when the time comes. However hard the parting is. One of the reasons that we chose the new owners for Isis and Athyr was that we just knew we could trust them to do this if the time came.

Sadly, that time came for Athyr just under a week ago. She was not quite 6 years old. My heart is heavy, but I can't thank J & M enough for this last kindness.


  1. Oh India, I'm sorry. It's so hard to lose a beloved pet.

  2. Oh, heavens, India, not you too? It's miserable, as I know only to sharply at the moment.
    Many hugs.


  3. What a terrible shame India. The best thing for her but hard for you guys and her new family too. I hope her sister is coping ok.

    Heather x

  4. Sorry to hear abouth Athyr :(
    That's very sad - hope you're OK
    Elaine x

  5. Poor Athyr , at least she had two sets of caring parents. Hugs to you all!