Friday, 12 June 2009


meringues made....check
lemon curd made ....check
flaky pastry made....check
chicken cooked....not yet
layer cake made...erm, not yet
raspberry sauce made...tomorrow.

We are having some friends over for dinner tomorrow and it is feeling like a military operation.

I am making:
Chicken and broccoli pie with flaky pastry - if I was in the UK I would buy 100% butter frozen puff pastry, but all I can find here has some rather dubious oils in it - serving it with carrots, peas and new potatoes followed by
A coconut layer cake with lemon curd filling made from Southern Cakes , which I picked up in California.

As a lighter option for dessert, I have made meringues (it took two attempts, don't ask) and will whip up some cream and make a raspberry coulis. Now I could have made a starter instead of two desserts, but hey, I'm the cook so I'm making it my way.

The pastry takes about 3 hours to make - you have to refrigerate it after every fold and roll. I can't make anything else while I am doing this because the kitchen will get too hot. I had hoped to make the sponger for the layer cake today, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow morning, then it will simply(!) be a case of assembling it all and finishing off the pie at the last minute.


  1. YUM. Never mind making a starter. You can toss some crudité out on a plate and pretend baby carrots and cherry tomatoes are difficult to assemble on a plate. This is a SERIOUS operation here. Good luck! (I won't ask about the meringues. I know all too well...)

  2. I never bother with that whole "refrigerate between every fold" thing. Why? Because I use a bench scraper to touch the dough, so my warm little hands aren't on there, melting things. I've also rolled it out onto stone (the countertop in our last flat) so that it'd stay cooler. You can get two or three folds in, that way, before it starts to go soft. :)