Thursday, 23 July 2009

more migraine stuff

just want to document the latest changes so that I have it written somewhere.

Went to see a neurologist who seems to know what she is on about this time.I am a but anxious because I am stopping the metroprolol due to sleep-walking issues (Number Guy found me trying to get the French doors in our bedroom open while we were in Genoa. We were four stories up....)

So - trying magnseium again, starting at 5 mmol and working up

Vitamin B2- starting on 200mg working up to4oomg (may have an allergic reaction, nice)

INcrease the medication I take for oesophogeal dismotility as it apparently works for migraines. so up to 100mg

Tale Zomig when I get face pain. Dr thinks I wait too long. I don't. I know the difference between the 'take other painkillers' and 'this is gonna blow my head off' so I am a bit anxious that I'll be taking Zomig all the time

Take MAxalt (same type of drug as Zomig) if the Zomig doesn't work. THis is a bit of a relief as although the times when the Zomig doesn't work are few and far between, when it doesn't the pain is indescribeable.

HAve EEG and MRI scan to check all really is ok, but there is no reason to think it isn't

Whew, I feel tired just typing that lot....

More about Genoa later, methinks.


  1. Poor you - I hope you can get it all sorted at some point....

    Hugs, F