Sunday, 6 September 2009

Pickle/exercise update

Tried the Olive Oil Pickles and some Pepper Pickles yesterday. The Pepper ones are nice, but no as ovewhelmingly scrumptious as the Gingery Pcikle Vegetables. The Olive Oil ones are disgusting- soft, slimy cucumber. They went in the bin- life is too short to eat nasty food.

I am grading each recipe that I try in my pickle book, so that in a couple of years I don't waste my time again.

I am now doing 6km in 40 min on the crosstrainer. I realise that this does not make me an athelete, but I think it is beginning to show in a slighter trimmer body. I'm not deluding myself - there's plenty of work still needed.


  1. "Life is too short to eat nasty food." I think I need that tattooed.

  2. That's always the challenge: getting the right recipes. And then, if you're like us, and don't write them down ... well, then you're forever trying to get it just right once again.

    Glad you're health is improving!