Saturday, 30 October 2010


....that was some typhoon that I just came out the other side of......I'm still shaking the water out of my hair and looking for safe harbor.

I've had a lot of shit on the internet recently and have been trying to understand why. Long haul flights make good opportunity for reflection- the last one I spent much of the time deciding how to reorganize my kitchen and freezers - don't let anyone tell you that I don't have an amazing inner life!

so, why the shit? Well, I think there are a number of reasons, some of which I can lay at my own door, some I am going to attribute to others.

As Number Guy and I were blearily wandering around Whole Foods ( or Whole Pay Check as it is known in these parts), I was trying to explain how I felt. " It's as if I've been just stumbling around the world, not seeing it. I feel like I've just woken up and am examining if for the first time." He reckoned that was very much like it seemed to him. I have my sceptical specs on and am not afraid to use them.

and therein lies the problem, I think. 'Seeing' the world for the first time makes everything seem brand new and open to question. I have realized that some on-line groups are not the place for that. I wish that what now seems blindingly obvious had occurred to me earlier.So, lesson learned for me then.

But, all that aside, it stil leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

I understand, finally, that there are some places on the Internet which are like a local cafe, you pull up a chair, have a nice chat over tea and scones and if anything remotely 'difficult' crops up someone talks about the weather and another topic is found. Ok. I get that. there are some people who do not understand the difference between 'debate' and 'discuss'. And, even if they do, They do not want to have to get The Lancet out over their cup of Earl Grey. that's fine. But, when there is a thread set up called 'debate' and it is made explicitly clear that this is for....debate, don't get all huffy and pissed off because you were asked to back up your opinions.Don't start playing the 'everyone is equal' nonsense when what is meant is 'You may not express an opinion which is different from others.'. As I have said, i am not going to go into a thread which is called 'praise jesus' and then get all naffed off when that is what I find going on. Don't make comments that imply someone is making personal attacks and go all wide-eyed and innocent when challenged about it. Don't make personal attacks yourself and then refuse to come back to the person attacked and discuss the matter. Don't ask what someone thinks and then get pissed off when they say something that you don't like.

if you are offended or unsure, how about asking the person, instead of making snide comments?

so....I'll be thinking a bit more carefully where I post. I will be thinking. A bit more carefully about the people that I engage with. But if you think I am going to shut up and go way because YOU think I should, you'll need to think again.


  1. Aye, some folk seem to like stirring it up. Dinna fash yersel hen, they're no worth it.

  2. Don't let a few idiots put you off. The group is a poorer place without you.