Friday, 12 November 2010

That'll be $700.....

so....second line antibiotics are not shifting sinus infection. ECG confirmed that although my QT interval is a bit long, it isn't so long that these new antibiotics are going to give me arrythmias (!). Howerver, both the antibiotics and the prednisolone can cause rutpured Achilles's tendon and other tendon issues (!!), so being on both means increased increased risk (!!!). So far, the total for the two visits plus medication is about
$700. (!!!!). So.....who is lucky to have health insurance, eh?

Other than continuing my medical Mystery Shopper job, I have just been chilling out here. We are going to spend the weekend lazing around, possibly going out for a bite or two to eat. Walking slowly. Watching those tendons....


  1. Ouch! No fun at all! I hope you've also tried nasal irrigation - it helps me, when I get the sinus infections (usually about twice a year).

  2. I bought one the other really is an unpleasant thing to use.

  3. You'll get used to it, I think. The first few times are a bit of a shock, but then you get to where it's pleasant. Yeah - really.