Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Screwed-over in the craft world

Further to the post below, ACM has been wound up...there's a now all need to watch out for this phoenix company:
HANDMADE LIVING MAGAZINE LIMITED: Kerries father is now the director, Richard Rycroft
The above was added to this original post below:

if you want to avoid a lot of heartache, avoid All Craft Media like the plague.That is what Kerrie Allman calls her empire today. Tomorrow it may well be something else. This is a litany of appalling and deliberate screwing-over of the craft community. It started in the knitting and crochet community. Now we think she is moving onto the sewing and quilting world. You can read about it : here or for those of you who are members of, you can find details in this group:'Freinds of the group once known as...'

Spread the word. This has to stop

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