Saturday, 1 September 2012

For those viewing in black and white..

...the blue curtain is between the pink ones.

Here they are, with and without flash. Or....without and with flash...

We have lived here for nearly 5 years and I have never bothered with curtains and 'indoor decor' 'stuff'. We have shutters on our windows so there was no need to rush around  putting curtains up for privacy reasons. So why this sudden obsession with curtains et al ?  No idea.

But.....if I had wanted to put 'standard' curtains at  this window it would have cost CHF600 for the fabric, then I would have had to make them. I wasn't going to do that. A rummage in my fabric stash (I know, I know, fabric and yarn stash) revealed some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric. Naturally, I didn't have enough to make the 'proper' curtains, nor did I have enough of one fabric to make three identical panels, and so my 'patchwork panels' evolved. These will drive Number Guy dotty. Being a, well, a number guy, he likes there to be a sense of order. Oh well.....I love them. The middle panel is meant to have a bottom border which is between the other two in length. This cunning plan was so that there would be no minute discrepancy in length which would grate on me. They would all  have a big discrepancy. Ah well, all I can say is never, ever measure fabric in the tail end of a migraine, that's when ou get things in the exact properties ;0)


  1. Hell's bells - £395 for some curtains?! Sacre bleu! Perhaps if you want fabric in the future, a trip to the UK (or Barbados) would be cheaper ;-)

    Those curtains are very pretty though and you should be rightfully proud of your creations! Also, well done for managing these at the end of a migraine - I lose all ability to pretty much do anything, including counting and finding words during one - so your ability to make these is a testament to your skill as a seamstress! :)

    Best wishes,

    Tash from

  2. They're gorgeous, well done! Just as you described. I like "without the flash", and love the colours. I hope they haven't driven Number Guy too crazy yet . . . debra

  3. Thanks for the appreciation folks :0)
    @Tash....I have the same word-finding issue, it is bad generally at the moment but I seem to be able to type them OK, it's the spoken words that really get me.