Saturday, 3 November 2012

Origami Bag

So, the christmas crafting continues. I am making the Origami Bag for some of my female 'giftees'. I will add  some small toiletries to these wee bags and I think it will make a welcome gift.

I think that the houndstooth/pink combination is an elegant one. I also hope that  even those who are not big pink fans (unlike myself) will  nonetheless like the little flashes of pink.

For future reference for myself: I made the pattern 50cm x 50cm, whereas the original  suggestion is 41cm x 41cm which I personally feel is too small.
Also: the  label should be sewn on   parallel to the first vertical seam which holds down the triangle points through their long sides as soon as that seam has been done..this makes for much easier sewing and much less wibbly seaming.

A big thank you to Jill: 

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