Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Breaking radio silence

...Of almost a year to say I am in love with my latest household tool- the hand-held vacuum cleaner. It is so handy. Times when I just cannot be bothered lugging the big Dyson out, along comes the 'Dirt Devil.' It is particularly handy when I have been cutting fabric out for a skirt.

Last year was very rough- I had terrible ,terrible pain from trigeminal neuralgia. * emergency admissions to hospital as a result of the side-effects of the treatment for the TN. Finally, in December enough was enough. The weel before christmas I had neurosurgery. It has definitely helped. I wouldn't say I am cured.

Anyway, I intend to post here once a week, to see if I can breathe some life into the poor beast which is  my Blog.

If only I had labelled where this beautiful piece of artwork is from...anyway, I leave it here in lieu of an interesting knitting shot.

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