Tuesday, 8 July 2008

There's a buzz about this house.

I have about 20 more rows and then I will 'bee' finished
The Bee Stole . I hope it blocks put enough, because I am having doubts at the moment...

As a 'reward' to myself I am currently handwinding this:

For this:

The yarn is the recommended
Blue Moon Fibre Arts Raven Clan. At the moment I am a bit disappointed with it. The yarn itself is beautiful. However, if you look at 'Valkyrie' you will see that it has dark purples in the black, with maybe a slight tinge of red. If you look at the skein, you will see that there are some very bright red bits. Some of the yarn is very pale. In my opinion, a poor dye job. I think I should have taken this up with the company- I have no doubt whatsoever that they would have dealt with my complaint to my full satisfaction. But at the time I had literally just moved to Zürich, so that was just too much for me to deal with. I will definitely buy from them again, and would recommend them to others, I just wish that I had acted.... still, as I wind the yarn (1 hour so far- I cannot find my ball winder and my swift has beein missing-in-action since we arrived) I can see that these lighter bits just might add a reasonable highlight. Time will tell

Edit to add: On further examination of their site, they do say that due to the skein size of the Laci yarn (1600m) 'the dye absorbs unevenly creating a lot of color texture within each skein.' Certainly the pink skein that is currently on the title page shows this - but even allowing for this, I don't think it's the skein that I have is an example of their best. But is still feels great :0) and I am going to knit it up.

Further edit: Now I am feeling bad, because of what they said on their site, so I took another picture of the skein:

What d'you think? I was expecting very dark shades. Am I being too picky?


  1. You're right ... but I'm glad you're going to knit it up anyway. What's it going to be?

  2. I'm still going to knit it up into the Knitspot shawl. If I don't like it when I get into it, I'll rethink.

  3. Um yes I think I would have been disappointed - Raven is meant to mean dark and moody, but some of that is almost pastel. You could always add a bit of dye yourself...?