Sunday, 6 July 2008


I am trying to listen to spoken German on the tv/radio each day. I am in a strange place where I can often understand enough to get the general idea of what is going on, but the finer points elude me.

For about an hour today, while I was making up 2 different batches of bread, I was listening to what I assume was a comedy.

The plot, as far as I understood it:

A man, a book stolen - from his bedroom, a night cleaning woman called 'Ivan'(!) and the search for the book. Which, by the way, was about cleaning tips for novice cleaners. Or was it...


  1. You suspect some double-entendre there? 'Cleaning' means something else to the Swiss, perhaps? ;)

    If it's anything like the radio I listened to as a kid, I'm sure you're catching it.

  2. Tee-hee! Love that! Still can't believe the amazing progress you've made learning German in the (relaively) short time you've been there!

  3. I must learn German if you get to hear tales like that! x K

  4. ;-) you listen to the detective story on drs3. they are really great and i'm honest i can't life without them. they are online: .the story was about a password and this guy used the books title backwards and the title of the book was something like "magician for beginner". the sad thing was the cleaner "ivan/sven" got killed but the stories are great and good for your german. your adventure with my hometown zurich are great too. have fun & cheers de.

  5. Ah... thanks for enlightening me
    :0) All is now clear (or should I say Alles ist klar?) I just looked in my dictionary:
    sauber = clean
    Zuaber = magic.

  6. Zauber, even. Can't spell at this time of the morning...