Thursday, 28 May 2009

Busy, busy, busy

First weekend in May - in York, birthday weekend for Number Guy's mum.

Second weekend in May - Badminton Horse Trials - belated Christmas present for me

Third and fourth weekends in May - in California, work trip for Number Guy, holiday for me.

Tonight - fighting off jet lag and bronchitis to go to a
Snow Patrol concert in Winthertur.

I'm telling you, this non-work life is tiring ;0)

ETA: Snow Patrol completely rocked last night!!! :0) :0) :0)


  1. Some day soon- coffee in Zh with Stella & Maree? ;-)

  2. I would LOVE to watch horses playing Badminton. That must be sight to see!

  3. Hiya, good to have you safely back, I've been thinking about you. I hope you enjoyed all your travels. x K

  4. Glad to see you are still around....somewhere and having fun! lol
    Nobody believes me when I say non-paid employment is exhausting! Hope next month is a little less demanding , lol