Thursday, 26 November 2009

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!!!

Number Guy and I are going to the UK this week- a combination of Christmas shopping and time for NG to meet up with some of his friends. (Well, they are now my friends, too, but you know what I mean!)An extra specially good thing is that Baby Bear will be joining us for the weekend, too.

Number Guy and his friends will be playing Dundgeons and Dragons- yes, it might seem a bit odd to the uninitiated, but they don't go to the pub and get pissed, they don't hang around football stadiums (stadia???) being obnoxious. This is their equivalent of going for a pint. It works for me :0) I did put my foot down on one issue, though. Number Guy might be quite happy lying on the floor in a sleeping bag, but I've decided that one advantage of my advancing years is that I can veto mad plans like that. We'll be in a hotel.


  1. Hope we can get together when you get back!

    Have a great time!