Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Well, I'm, erm, well, I was sure

*What do you mean, you were ,sure?
#Exactly what I said. I was sure I left it right here.
* Well, what do you mean by 'Right here'?
#It was on the balcony, well, maybe be not exactly on the balcony....
* (Folds arms, starting to look smug) Ah, were getting to the bottom of it at last. Admit it, you aren't really sure where you left it here at all, are you.
* (Indignant) Now don't play games, I'm tellling you, I could see it from the balcony, and everything. It was right here. It was Thursday and I saw it, clear as day.
*(Shrugs, turns to shuffle back inside). Be that as it may, wherever you think you left Autumn on Thursday, we're back from the UK and it sure as heck looks like winter to me now!

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