Wednesday, 15 December 2010

No, I don't have a mustard seed problem...

Sure looks like it, though. But do not worry, I have not yet descended into madness. I decided to make a little culinary gift for two of my foodie friends. Most of what you see here was converted into honey mustard. To that I have added some oatcake type biscuits for cheese.

Don't let this limpid photo put you off. These biscuits are seriously delicious. They are made from wholewheat flour and porridge oats and flavoured with salt, dried mustard powder and black pepper. Not only are they going to be great with cheese, I think I have stumbled upon the perfect Digestive Biscuit recipe. If you are an ex-pat Brit, you will know what an amazing discovery this is. SOmetime this week I am going to knock up a batch without the mustard and pepper, dip them in melted chocolate and then sit down with a cup of tea and a good book. And eat the lot.


  1. And the reason you haven't shared this very handy recipe at this time of year is...?

  2. erm...because I am very disorganised...basically, get some mustard seeds. Cover them with cider vinegar, chuck in a cinnamon stick. leave for 24 hours. Remove stick, whizz in food processor or pound with mortar and pestle. Add a little salt and some honey to taste.