Tuesday, 6 May 2014


My Sorbetto plans have come adrift. There was a nasty gape at the armholes. When I went online  to find a tutorial for 'gaping armholes' I was amused to see that the  person who made the tutorial used Sorbetto ..so I am not the only one. I was really delighted to see  this top available as a free download- I have seen a number online and they looked great. But I am going to have to follow the online fix before I attempt this top for the third time.

Instead, I  bit the bullet and bought Ruby, designed by' Made by Rae.'  The pattern  download went smoothly and I was happy to see that the various sizes have different coloured outlines. The instructions were very clear and I would recommend this as a good beginner project, easily whipped up in an afternoon if you are an experienced needlewoman.  here is Ruby I

And here, under construction is Ruby II

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