Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I found a great idea on the Internet, perfect for taming cord spaghetti.

This is how I did it:

Take a charm square and apply interfacing to half of the wrong side
Sew around the edges making sure to leave a gap for turning
Turn to right side and edge stitch all threat around
Apply small squares to both ends, one each on each side, one at each end

For smaller skinnier cables I cut long and skinny fabric. After I. Sewed it into a tube and cut it to length I applied bias tape on one side to stabilise it. Then I sewed the Velcro on

I want to post a pic but having issues. Will try again later.

Edit: Hooray! Finally worked out how to get the picture off my phone and into this file.

These cord tamers are sweet and easy to make. I made my husband some fabric pouches for when he travels; now he can tame those cords i n the bag. Perfect.

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