Monday, 12 November 2007

Entry the first

For some unexplicable reason I have decided to separate my move to Zurich from my main blog Twelfthknit. As to how I will manage blog posting when I actually get to Zürich, who knows?

So, to bring things up-to-date.... Number Guy has a fabulous new job in Zurich. I am a teacher of children ages 3 - 12 years old. The post that I have just given up was that of a nursery teacher, working with the 3 - 5 year old age range. When I get to Zurich I am
not going to work :0))) Instead I am going to concentrate on learning the languages of Zürich, travelling, crafting and just generally enjoying life in a new country.

The sad part for us is that our 3 cats can't come - we were all set up, they'd had rabies vaccinations etc but it just hasn't worked. They go to some great new homes over the next week or two....


Currently in the middle of organising health care - it's a little different to the UK. Everyone has to have a basic insurance policy of CHF150 per month. This, as far as I understand, gives one access to the equivalent of the British GP-based system. You pay the costs of care up front and claim at the end of the year when 90% of the cists are reimbursed. Now, despite the best efforts of a Swiss blogger called Sylvie, I am still a little unclear - I think it is 10% of all costs that the individual bears, not only prescriptions.

I have had some recommendations about doctors and I am also awaiting information from the British Consulate about English speaking doctors.

Someone from the removal firm is coming at the beginning of December to estimate our load - don't know what she'll think when she sees my yarn stash.....I am trying to organise this over the next few's a daunting task.

We have found somewhere to live and are currently just waiting to complete the paperwork.

And that, I think, is enough for now. I will try to make the posts at least vaguely interesting, but am not making any promises ;0)


  1. oh my oh my, I think i have a ginourmous task ahead of me to explain that to you again,ya' got it totally wrong, me and my gibberish, eh :)??I solemnly promise that from now on I will spell and "does it make sense"- check everything I tell you about my homecountry! don't want you to arrive confused:)

  2. Hmm... how can we extract a promise of interesting posts ... ;)

    Hello new blog! Yep - that sums it up. :)

  3. This is great. I can learn (I am learning, in fact) so much from you about moving to Zurich, and the tasks that await us.

    Thank you for this blog.

  4. :)
    And oh! We may have something in common then -- I *used* to be a kindergarten teacher, but am currently watching a friend's children after school.

    I too, am delighted to *not* have to 'work' when I reach Zurich. It's just great to know that there is someone sharing the (would-be) same enthusiasm.