Thursday, 29 November 2007


Yep, it's building all right. I keep telling myself that in a couple of months it will all be worth it - and it will, but in the meantime the cortisol levels must be through the roof.

We are busy making sure that we have all of the paperwork for our residence payment. It include the usual documents: birth and marriage certificates, passport photos,insurance/liability insurance/work contract etc. It will be a bit odd to be seen as an 'Auslander' I am sure, but no doubt we will be able to get over that ;0)

The lease on our home is near completion. When that is done we will be asking the relocation agent to deal with the utilities - thank goodness for someone who knows how it is all done. The 6th of December sees the removal company coming to do a visual estimate - that's only 1 week today. The house pendulums from scarily tidy to looking like it has been burgaled - at the moment it is somewhere inbetween, since we seem to have several EU laundry mountains taking over the home. When I finish this post I'll be strapping on the the crampons and taking up the ice axe to do battle.


  1. Have fun in Z. this weekend, if you possibly can, steal a moment and say, "I AM HAVING FUN!!!"

    Hope the hotel situation is... er, QUIETER this time.

    The toasters are gorgeous... let us know which one you pick when you get one!!

  2. Just keep in mind that every person you see has worn leiderhosen at some point in their life. That should make it easier, no? :)

  3. Errhm,davimack that's Bavaria and not Switzerland ;-) same as the cuckoo clocks are from the black forest area and not manufactured by us:)
    Considering that we deal in gold and platin super luxury watches we certainly won't touch something as poxy as wood:):):)

    Nitpickerly Greetings from the watch valley ( yup that exists here)

  4. Awww, that takes the fun out of it! You're supposed to just go ahead & apply non-applicable ethnic slurs to them, with their big ol' alpenhorns & all that. :)

  5. LOL davimack:) I am just thinking well then what else would fit for us cheesemunching swissies,but try as i might i can't think of anything:):):)well nothing tha ti can put in english, in my bernese dialect there's lots of stuff but not necessarily printable:)