Monday, 26 November 2007

Next steps

We will be in Zurich this weekend to complete the formalities on our house rental. I confess to another sad cat-related moment yesterday - I was just thinking about 'phoning my mum to discuss pet arrangements when she house-sits this weekend when it dawned on me that she wouldn't have to worry about the cats.....the cats are thriving in their new home, but we are still trying to get over having to re-home them...

So I guess this is something to point out to would-be immigrants to Switzerland - make sure that when you and a landlord are speaking about pets that you make sure they now the type and number. For example, 'pets allowed' may mean one house cat. And remember, the rabies vaccine may not be effective in your pet first go round

As well as signing the lease, we need to arrange liability insurance for the preperty. I am assuming that we will need to arrange our contents insurance at the same time - thankfully our relocation agent will be able to help.

We are also going to begin the process of aquiring a
General Abonnement Card. although this may well have to wait until we are actually resident in January. Although the card seems expensive -about £100 a month per person, I believe - we will be making extensive use of the public transport system. To put it in perspective, to travel the short distance from where we live into the centre of Glasgow only cots about £60 a month.....

This weekend Number Guy did a splendid job organising the current house. We aim to have sorted the wheat from the chaff before the removers come to do an estimate. (I still can't believe it is going to take 3 days to pack this house up - yikes!)My plan is to keep the momentum going and throw out as much rubbish as I can - honestly, while I will never be able to live in a minimalist environment, I'll be making darn sure I don't buy any of this c*** again.

Having said that, they do have rather pretty toasters in Zurich....


  1. well the GA is something great you can step on ANY train/bus/ship/tram and travel to wherever you want to in switzerland ( minus a few mountain railroads)
    So a day trip to Ticino,if you don't mind a three hour train ride to get to soak up the italian ambiance....why not,the world erhm..... make that Switzerland, is your oyster with this card!

  2. Does that mean that we're not doing coffee, Thursday afternoon?

    Off up the coast until Wed.

    You'll make it, I'm sure - and you'll end up hauling stuff that you'll not open, and will wonder about, years later.

  3. You will definitely bring stuff that will consider to wonder what you were thinking. Everyone does!

    Regarding the GA. How much daily transportation outside of your canton will you do? (Is our apartment in Canton Zurich or another canton?) Most get the annual pass for their canton plus the Halb Tax card (half price on all tickets outside of your canton.) The Halb Tax card is only 150 CHF annually.

    In addition, most of the trailing spouses I know who do not work get the after 9 am pass. Substantially cheaper per year and you just want until after 9 am Monday-Friday to take public transport. Or buy a ticket to cover the cost of you travel before.

    And finally, find out if your husband's job supplements the annual passes for the employee (and sometimes the spouse as well). That will also bring down the cost.