Saturday, 20 February 2010

In the kitchen

I've had two new toys to play with recently.

The baker's Edge has been in my sights for quite some time, but the cost of shipping it from the US was out of the question. So you can imagine that I was rather pleased at having scored one on my recent trip to the US.

The whole point of this cake tin is that everyone gets two chewy edges on their piece of brownie, something I had come to understand was vital ;0)I've only tried one recipe so far- Katherine Hepburn Brownies in Dorrie Goldspan's book . The recipe didn't fill the tine, but boy, they were good.

Next up- my Fleishwolf, or meat grinder to you and me. Given the ferocity of this machine, I think flesh-wolf is a very apt name! I don't have casings yet, so decided to just make meatballs instead. I chose a 'breakfast sausage' recipe off the internet, and they were not bad at all for a first attempt.

The ingredients were pretty simple, as you can see:

I want to make some Sweet Italian Sausage, so if anyone has a favourite recipe, please drop me a line in the comments.

On a non-domestic front, I've just started German lessons again. We have a test on Monday and I am trying, and failing, to work up the enthusiasm to study for it.


  1. I'm glad to see you back blogging!

    I can't imagine demanding an edge of a brownie, but ... well, I don't much go in for them anyway. Guinness cake, though, is a fabulous thing, I've discovered. In particular: it's fabulous over here, where you can get "real" Guinness (we made it in the US, and the Guinness there is brewed in Canada and just isn't the same).

  2. I seem to be going through blogging and non-blogging phases. I'm blaming it on the fact that as a Hausfrau I don't have much of interest to say at the moment (Mind you, that doesn't normally stop me!!)