Sunday, 21 February 2010

Southern Cakes.

Number Guy has spent a very pleasant weekend in the company of three friends from the UK. I have also found it very pleasant, but I was cooking and baking as opposed to board-gaming and Dungeons & Dragonning.

Due to the, ahem, weight issue, I don't bake as much as I would like to. Having people to stay allows me to relax the rules a bit. This weekend I pulled out
Southern Cakes.. I had wanted to try out the Tomato Soup Cake (yes, really) but I had bought a can of the ordinary stuff, not the condensed as required. Never mind, the Banana Chocolate Layer Cake came to the rescue.

I have to say that this picture does not do justice to this light-as-air creation.

The butter and sugar are beaten together, and then the three eggs are added one-by-one. Once the eggs are incorporated the mixture is beaten for another few minutes before the other ingredients are folded in by hand. The resultant batter is a dreamy mousse-like creation that I could easily have eaten straight from the mixing bowl.

The finished cake I loved. The chocolate frosting I found a bit too much, but this cake is deserving of another outing, I'll just need to think about the frosting issue


  1. Thanks for forcing me to wipe drool off my keyboard ;)

  2. yum! that cake looks delicious. have you found out why there is no baking soda here? one theory i've heard has to do with the altitude. i have replaced baking powder for soda when i've baked and everything rose as it should, but i'm still very curious.

  3. I go to Globus or Jelmoli and buy the baking soad there.

  4. thanks Twelfthknit, i didn't know they carry baking soda.