Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I have always been able to crochet....well, as far back as I can remember. But I was never really that keen. Then, like  knitting, it had a bit of a resurgence. Inspirational blogs started appearing. Like
Attic 24 . I discovered that there is actually a use for acrylic yarn! And even though my husband insists that this door decoration is in fact a one-armed man wearing a poncho, we can all see that it is the sweetest little bird...Can't we....?

Visit Lucy's blog  and be inspired :0)


  1. Hello! Thanks for your comment. I feel awful, because when I lost the contents of my computer the time before last (!) (what is it with computers?!) I lost contact with many bloggers. Insane, but I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how you are getting on in Zurich. Did you manage to conquer the language and the strange mannerisms of the Swiss?

    I also love your little bird... it's very sweet! :)


  2. Um, yes, birdlike I supposed. Lovely to see you on Saturday. Keep well.

  3. No - it's an artistic rendition of Joust! Do tell him, please!