Friday, 20 July 2012

J'adore Dior :0)

I am not a make-up person. Takes too much trouble and with my  skin it just slides off. But I do like to wear polish. On my toe nails. Finger polish is just too much aggravation to  keep nice. Lazy, that's me. But I am particular about the colours that I like and for years have kept an eye out for a shade of pink that I bought from the Boots Botanicals range years ago. Just my luck though, to have found it on the Dior stand. CHF38 is a ridiculous amount to spend on nail varnish. Then I thought, 'Sod it!' and  used the excuse to myself that it would distract me from the pain in  my head. Well, that clearly wasn't going to work  but imagining the look on Number Guy's face when I told him the price did make me laugh  quite a bit ;0)  He isn't at all mean, but I do think still that is an eye-watering amount. Sadly, I am now ruined for cheap nail polish. This went on so easily, and is proving very resilient. So I guess it's Dior for me now!  This is a beautiful shade, nothing in fact like it appears on my monitor. Next time NG is on his travels, guess what I'll be asking for from the duty-free shop?

Re that other love of mine, the dehydrator, I am delighted with it. I will definitely be ordering more trays when we get back from our holiday in a few weeks. I could order them now, but they would probably arrive in the  middle of our vacation- we have a friend coming to keep an eye on the house but I don't want to  give them any added hassle.  We are going to Sweden, Iceland and Norway in that order. I am really excited about it.

 For those of you who are not knitters Iceland has a very rich knitting heritage and I will be bringing back some of the yarn for sure :0) Remember the Lopi jumpers that were  popular in the 80s? I am going to bring back some yarn to make one or two cardigans, but in  some of the more modern, brighter shades.

I have a new camera, which is charging as we speak, so I hope that I can get a few good pictures to share on this blog. Didn't occur to me that the camera wouldn't have a memory card in it, so must  get  one. I could swap from my old camera but I would rather have just one card in each. The old one is a Nikon of about 11 years  and is starting to become quite temperamental- sometimes I cannot change the flash settings or the screen remins dark when  the camera is switched on.

I have been doing some crochet as well  over the last few weeks- this very simple blanket  is something that I can work on when my head/face  are painful. It doesn't require much concentration and I enjoy listening to an audiobook as I work. When I get back from our break I hope that the ramifications of my last medication switch (which was hellish and didn't work) are over and that I can get back to some serious knitting and sewing. I have some beautiful floral prints from which I intend to make pillowcases for our bed. When I have done that I want to make some clothes. We'll see, I'm just plodding on right now.

If you look at this picture you will see that it does require a minute amount of concentration which was lacking at one point. The pattern sequence is 1-2-1 but that didn't quite happen. This is simply a pretty blanket for me to snuggle under when I am lying on the sofa, so I will not be ripping it out to fix.


  1. Gosh, you're clever. Have a fab time on your hols. Hope to see loads of lovely photos when you get back.

  2. Ooh Iceland and purple toenails! What fun!
    Happy holidays!
    And there is no such thing as a mistake in crochet. Fact ;)

  3. I shall look forward to your report on Scandiwegian adventures. Have a fabulous time, and please think of me when you visit a geysir!! (I prefer green toenails, you'll be surprised to hear)