Sunday, 15 July 2012

my latest love afair

I'm fickle. I can't help it. I've tried to be faithful yet time and time again, my heart wanders. It used to be my freezer. Then it was my Kitchenaid. I've tried so, so hard to avoid the siren call of this latest love. For two years I clung on to my sanity, reminding myself time after time that the heart-stopping surges of joy would eventually fade. Then  a couple of days ago I though,'Sod it. That food dehydrator's mine.'

Summer has been a washout for most of Europe this year. Switzerland is no exception. What could brighten   a heart more than the thought of strawberries all winter long. Strawberries in cereal. Strawberries in muffins. Strawberries straight out of the pack.


  1. Love the dehydrator! Be sure and dehydrate some courgettes - either seasoned, to eat as savoury crisps, or just plain, to snip up and bake into sweet quick-bread.

  2. I keep thinking about one of these....

  3. My mum loves hers. I've just succombed to an ice cream machine which is keeping me quite busy enough. enjoy your dehydrator