Wednesday, 4 February 2015


I have finally jumped on the die cutter wagon. Over christmas I saw a lot of people posting about Accuquilt products Finally I could stand it no longer.

There are four options to choose from. I deliberately chose the smallest. There is a large number of dies for this little beauty, many the basic building blocks of quilting.

At the moment I am seeing half-square triangles (HST) together to form 3" squares. They are for some time in the future. This block is very versatile and there are numerous arrangements.

I have also started piecing Drunkard'sPath. This is another classic. Each unit is a quarter circle pieced into a square. It would be very laborious cutting the individual pieces with templates. The Go!Baby makes short work of it.  As is the case with the HST, this is a block which can be combined in a myriad of ways. Again, I am just going to piece and sew and when I have enough for a projects, be it a cushion, an apron or a whole quilt, I will decide what to do. In the meantime I am enjoying piecing the  Drunkard's Path, but it is a little tricky

I will purchase a bigger cutter some time in the future but this handy little cutter will still get a lot of use

This pic has both of the above blocks in it. Half Triangle Square is 3"

And of course, no sewing post is good without a gratuitous kitty pic. 
This is Willow. He is a Devon Rex boy of about 6 months in this picture
 above. In the image below we can see  a very sleepy Gittan being sniffed over by a curious Willow. Gittan is a 3 yo Devon Rex.  I can't say just how wonderful it is to have cats in our lives again :0)


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