Thursday, 6 December 2007

residency and tenancy

We are just back from a long weekend in Zürich. We spent the Saturday and Sunday sightseeing, while MOnday saw us finalising the lease.

The Swiss do not use cheque books and our credit cards were not suitable either for some reason. We had to do a lot of organising to get everything sorted since we do not yet have our Swiss bank accounts (imagine, I am going to have a Swiss bank account...!)

Once all of the paperwork was sorted out we had time to stroll around our house and take measurements. Hopefully this will be of some use today when the agent from the removal firm comes to estimate how much packing materials etc we will need. I am determined that we do not take anything that should be thrown out but as I type things are still in a chaotic mix of 'to be kept/to be thrown away'

We took the usual 'scary photos', plus marriage certificate and passport for our indentity cards so we could begin the process of becoming Swiss residents.

We had some spare time on Tuesday so we took the S-Bahn up the Uetliberg. We took a 15 minute walk up to the top and then went back to the restuarant for a Heisse Schoggi - that's Hot Chocolate to me and you. As you can see, I am already picking up bits of German and Swiss German. I'm not looking forward to the reality of trying to make myself understood, but at least I'll provide some amusement for the locals ;0)

Another random travel've probably seen it before, but I hate having plain old text and no images. If I had more time, I'd save some others to the pc but spare time is in short supply right now

Edit: Well, the agent has been. Any of you know that feeling when you are really embarrassed about how messy your house is, but you are determined
not to apologise to some complete stranger? When you keep repeating 'But it's clean' to yourself over and over....

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  1. glad to hear that you are back safe and sound:)
    Looking forward to a good ol' chinwag on MSN:)
    Cheerio see ya' later hopefully!