Friday, 21 December 2007


Well, what started out as frustration this morning has ended up putting a smile on my face.

The relocation company had failed to keep two appointments to deliver book boxes to our door. This is a big deal. Number Guy reckons he has 100 feet of work-related books/journals to pack. As you can imagine, we need to start this asap.

So this morning I called the company and told them how unhappy I was. I am always polite about these things - being nasty is counterproductive and well, just plain nasty in itself. During the conversation it turned out that if we pack the books, they will pick them up from the office - result! It has taken so much pressure off, knowing that we only have to pack 'em :0) And they have PROMISED to deliver them by 2.00pm today...

But I am still fairly paralysed when it comes to 'jobs round the house'. Knowing that in just over 2 weeks the packers come does NOT motivate me. After all, if our whole life is going into boxes, do I really care that there is a bit of dust o the TV? NO!

On the Christmas Front, (yes, it really feels like we are waging war on many fronts here, not much happening either. I have some presents to wrap and a shopping list to write. This was going to be a huge celebration with lots of home cooking/baking, but that won't happen either....but not moaning - still looking forward to the move.


  1. If we get to see you before you leave, we're saving aside some fruitcake for you. It's been aging - basted in Port Wine - for over a month, now, so it's ready. :)