Thursday, 27 December 2007


All out vaccinations are up to date, except the ones against
tick borne encaphalitis . This is a very real problem if one is likely to be out in the woods. We did think about getting it done here but we are a bit late - it is 3 vaccines each 1 - 3 months apart. Rather than confusing the issue by starting it here and continuing it over in ZH, we'll keep it simple.

So our first week will consist of:

unpacking (assuming the trucj arrives...)

getting health care sorted out

getting vaccinations sorted out

getting sight tests so we can apply for international driving licenses.

This week consists of -

somehow getting to, and surviving, Christmas,

preparing for 4 friends to stay from Firday to Wednesday (ie for New Year)

arranging for mail redirection

continuing to sort/throw out rubbish

sorting out paperwork to be taken

getting a valuation for our wedding album (just in case....)

So, what will this week bring for you?

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