Saturday, 22 December 2007

We interupt this move... 'enjoy' Christmas. It just gets, make that 'it just gets more stressful'.

I looked at the pitiful pile molehill of presents for under the tree and nearly had a complete flaky. Now, Christmas is not about who spends the biggest bucks (well, it is in some places, but not chez moi). But even allowing for that fact, it became clear that I had not really been thinking about Christmas. At all. Not one iota. Not even an ounce of effort. And today is Saturday. The Last One before the Big Day...

So, loins were girded and we did venture forth. I reckon I got the best part of the deal - I only had half-hour queues to stand in - Number Guy had to do The Christmas Grocery Shop. It only took him three hours and by that time I had done the CHristmas Shopping and managed to squeeze in a cup of coffee :0)

So I now feel a but better. To be sure, a couple of the presents that I had already bought for Number One Son I was really pleased with - lots of thought had been put into those ones...but my mum and dad's gifts were...not even finished (uep, I only had 2 bits of Christmas knitting and I even failed on that).

So now I need to tidy the 'public' bits of the house since my parents will be staying over for a couple of days. And I really don't want to - I am descending into a swirling mess of half-arranged possessions waiting for the packers, but needs must.

So, have a happy, healthy, tidy Christmas and don't eat too many mince pies

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  1. Is there such a thing as too many mince pies? C'mon, you know that, after the holiday, it'll all be about losing the weight put on during the long darkening towards solstice, so ... too much mince pie? Nah. ;)

    Good luck, particularly if you're shopping. Us, we're being poor & overseas - which saves us quite a lot. ;)