Monday, 10 March 2008

Ich möchte nicht den Zahnartz gehen

But I've got to go anyway....

However, I think that this dental experience won't be too bad. One of my neighbours told me about this chap and he IS very nice. He spent about an hour today talking about the problem and options. He won't know until the filling is out whether or not he needs to redo the filling or do root canal. So I have an appointment for next week ...and a prescription for a couple of diazepam tablets.

By the way, please DO NOT leave any comments about how awful root canal can be. As a variation on what my dear old mum would say,'if you can't say something good about the dentist, don't say anything at all


  1. Look at me, saying something nice about dentistry!

    I had it done, and it was fine, and I'm a serious chicken about everything. A SERIOUS chicken. SO, you'll be fine.

    Our dentist at home had orchards and kept bees and coached his kid's softball teams and I sometimes felt like he was a dentist as a hobby. If you've got a guy who isn't in a hurry to do anything but chat and weigh options, it will all be excellent. Sounds just like our guy.

  2. You will be fine, I'm certain. :)

  3. I can't say anything bad about the dentist - I've never had a bad experience with one (and given how much I've moved round the country and the number of different dentists I've seen, that's saying something!). I'm sure that in a country as ordered and efficient as Switzerland, the dentists are going to be pretty good.

    Hope everything goes well next week.