Saturday, 22 March 2008

No inspiring title

And no inspiring blog post, either!

We had planned to spend Saturday of the Easter weekend out and about. However, a combination of the weather (snowy/thundery) and an almost-last-push on the unpacking persuaded us to stay in and knuckle down. Number Guy has been building (more) bookcases for his journals and ich muss Deutsch lernen. It'll make a change when I can speak German in more than just the present tense. Nonetheless, I have been making myself catch up on some German homework - the toothache last week meant I was just not up to the 2+ hours a night that is needed.

When I have not been studying I've been quite lazy - knitting, listening to audiobooks, enjoying looking out at the snow from a very cosy home. And there have been lost of great non-events. Non cardiac events. I have been off the heart meds for a week now and so far all that has happened has been a couple of really hard 'chest thumps', if that makes sense. I am more and more convinced that my last employment was really screwing up my life.

We will be going 'home' in a little while and when we get back I hope to be able to put some pics on this blog at last. My camera might not be talking to the pc, but I think my new mobile speaks the right language.

In the meantime, its more audio, knitting, snow watching and just a tiny bit of Swiss chocolate eating.


  1. an ab hinter unter uber neben vor swischen....durch fur gegen ohne um... i don't remember really...

    anyway...sending some inspiration to you over there

    linn, norwegian in scotland

  2. Looking forward to seeing you soon!