Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A true story...

Friend collects mail. Friend opens mail. Friend faints. Ok, the last part is untrue, but I bet she felt like fainting, for therein lay a letter from the Kantonspolizei. Now even the most law-abiding of folk (which she is!) would quail at such a summons from the local Bobbies. Just to add to the trauma, when she 'phoned up they could not tell her what the problem was.

So on the appointed day (and definitely on time ;0)she presented herself as requested. They presented their evidence, both photographic and physical. There was no doubt about it. My friend was guilty....

What do you think she had done?


  1. Oooh, good quiz.

    One of her neighbours witnessed her putting a bag of rubbish in the bin without the appropriate sticker?

  2. She vacuumed on a Sunday and someone photographed her through the window?

  3. Recycling Glass on a Sunday Washing car on a Sunday
    Mowing Lawn on a Sunday

    or going through a red traffic light on ANY day:)

  4. Damn, GL stole my answer. I'm going with... used the wrong kind of string to bundle her recyclable paper.

  5. I'm actually afraid to answer this one...

  6. She played the wrong kind of music on her Alpenhorn? Or, that she played it without the appropriate regional outfit?