Sunday, 16 March 2008

The purpose of toothache... to make one really pleased to be going to the dentist.

I was offered an appointment for Tuesday, but that was at 10.00am which would clash with my Deutsch class. There is a lot covered in each class (and I am paying a lot for it!) so I opted for Thursday pm instead. Right now I am not sure that this was such a good idea. The pain is going from my tooth up into my ear, something I have never experienced before. Roll on Thursday :0)

Another somewhat painful experience has been my new Handy (Deutsch for mobile!). Because we are new in the country it means we have no credit history here. That means that for the first 3 months of the contract we have some limitations on the phone use. Nothing major, I just have to remember. I think that this must have been why Cable Com cancelled our contract on the day that we made it online. I don't have a problem with this, but I do have an issue with the fact that they didn't tell us....The 'painful' bit of the mobile is learning to use it. I have never used this make before and the instruction manuals come in 3 languages, but not English. Thankfully it actually occured to me to see if I could download an English version from the internet :0) I could play around without the instructions, and I have been, but there are some things that I can't figure out easily. And with raging toothache I don't have so much patience.

This morning was very sunny so we went for a walk. On the homeward stretch the rain started so I am going to cuddle up on the sofa with some knitting, tea/cofee,a new novel and Radio 4.

And toothache.


  1. Owwwwwie! Sorry you're in pain. It must be excruciating and, I'm sure, almost impossible to try to carry on as normal. What was my gran's remedy...bathe the tooth frequently in brandy (and the next day you don't feel the tooth for the hangover)! Hope you get relief soon!

  2. Other people bathe the tooth in horehound (in the US) or use cloves to numb things.

    Hope you're able to tough it out!

  3. Ooooohh! get better soon - I'd try cloves , but looking at Lynettes suggestion , that might be better as Brandy is both medicinal and antiseptic (AND will help you sleep , which aids recovery!)