Saturday, 6 September 2008


What I don't like about Burda patterns:

Lack of seam allowances, which have to be added on either when you trace the pattern as I am doing, or added directly onto the fabric.

What I do like:
downloadable instructions in English . Particularly useful when you've been daft enough to buy a pattern with 6 different languages, none of which is actually English...


  1. Good to see you're still around! I've missed seeing your posts for a while now!

  2. And I thought you'd buy the German one on purpose to practice German while sewing! lol
    Hope the RSI is improving!

  3. Let's put it this way - reading sewing instructions for something new (like a collar with a 'collar stand') is like reading a foreign language itself. Put new instructions into a foreign language = impossible. Well, for me anyway!

  4. The version I have includes seam allowances and came in English! At elast I assumed it did - maybe that is why it is such a snug fit...?!
    Looking forward to seeing your version!

  5. Shirring elastic: mine came on a reel like thread, so I just wound it onto a lower-bobbin using the sewing machine in the usual way.