Thursday, 25 September 2008

Only 3 years late....

Pattern: Cabled Socks

Book: Home, Debbie Bliss

Yarn: Cashmerino DK

Mods: Wrapped short-row heel; the directions in the pattern left holes.

For: My mum

Finished: Sept '09

Started:....blushes...3 years ago...


  1. Looking good! Bet they're nice and soft :)

  2. Those look lovely- I think I vaguely remember you working on them. Bet your mum will be glad of them in the coming cold weather. x K

  3. They look gorgeous - blush not, I have projects much older!

  4. The only reason I don't have project older is 'cause I haven't been knitting for so long. There's this cabled sweater, though, which has been lingering in a bag for a couple years. It's not even on needles any more - I pulled some yarn through it & stole the needles for something else. :)