Monday, 5 October 2009

Suggestions please

When I was in the UK, I listened to Virgin Radio. For an oldtimer like me, it was perfect- some of the music from my youth (the 70s and 80s, in case you were wondering!!) and more modern 'stuff'. But none of that rap crap- I'm talking Cold Play, Snow Patrol, The Killers,Maroon 5, Greenday & C.

Any suggestion for a similar station that I can listen to on the Internet. I can see that Virgin is based in some other countries, but I am having problems streaming so can't tell if it is the same.

(polite)Suggestions welcome.


  1. Don't you get Virgin Radio via Cablecom? I think I do. Otherwise, I listen to BBC Radio 6 which is quite good.

  2. aha! Just found it on Cablecom, masquerading as Absolute Radio.

  3. Have a look at Spotify, and make your own playlist?

  4. Have you tried Lastfm as well? You can make up your own playlist in a matter of speaking, by channel. The Coldplay channel would feature people who are of the same time period, and if you absolutely hated the group/song, it could easily be blocked.