Thursday, 30 October 2008

Dear Snow Plough Man

You know how much I have come to love Switzerland. All snowy and clean and with passable roads.

It is thanks to you that the roads are clear and the buses come on time.

And I guess you really did have to plough outside my bedroom window at 5.55 this morning, just as as I managed to get to sleep. But you must know how ill I am - I didn't make it to Spoogler coffee today. I am much in need of some sleep, beauty-enhancing or otherwise.

So, how about a compromise? Plough all of the other roads and then plough outside my window. Maybe at 11 am?


  1. I hate to tell you this, but D. is snickering most inappropriately...

  2. Ha - just wait until the horizontal sleet and rain start again, because they will...

  3. Oh dear. You just can't catch a break. Waking up involuntarily just plain sucks.