Thursday, 30 October 2008

Dear Swiss Man Flu virus

You know how I love Switzerland, all clean, leaf-free and snowy.

You know how I love to sit in my living room watching the snow fall, even when I am feeling really crappy, content in the knowledge that even if I do feel at Death's Door, it is a Swiss door so at least the door bell works....

But I've had enough of appreciating how much better it is to be ill in Switzerland now. How about a compromise? How about visiting someone else the leaf-blower man...or the early-morning-shift snow plough man....?


  1. Just please, don't send it up here!

  2. Oh, poor girl. How is it you're so funny when you're so pissed?

  3. (*PISSED OFF,* that is. As in "angry." Just realized that in Scotland, pissed is drunk. Although that might actually help...)

  4. I'm thinking you need to turn nocturnal, my dear!
    Hope you feel better soon x K

  5. You have just reminded me of why I got a flu shot yesterday, even though I couldn't sleep last night because every time I rolled over the pain in my arm woke me up.