Saturday, 18 October 2008

I'm afraid we'll have to fingerprint you, Ma'am....

I never thought it could happen to me. In fact, I was fairly certain I would never allow it to happen. But, well, you know how these things can happen, right out of the blue....I'm going to the USA...and I am actually quite excited about it.

The US has never been on my list of 'must see' places, but now I am beginning to change my mind.We are planning a holiday around a business trip and plan to spend some time in Yosemite. I made a little joke about bears, cars and can openers. Then I realised it wasn't actually a

And being the relaxed person I am, I am paying plenty of attention to
this. I particulary like this piece of advice:

If you see a bear anywhere else, keep your distance .


  1. Yosemite is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure you'll love it.

  2. I am sooooooo jealous - Yosemite is FABULOUS! And if you see a bear I'll be even more jealous - searched around for the darned things while I was there and didn't even see one.
    Once you've visited Yosemite , you'll change your mind about the US of A - it is awe inspiring!

  3. Two things:

    The UK is fingerprinting (and retina-photographing) US this year, because they've begun the craziness of making foreigners carry identification. Fab.

    To have it on your list to "see the U.S." is kind of like having it on your list to "see Africa" or something - impossibly huge, and something not even the most broadly-traveled native has done!

    I hope you enjoy Yosemite! There may even be wolves. ;)